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Rovno is a historic city in western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Rovno province, as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Rovno district within the oblast.The estimated population is around 247,750 people. Among the sights of the city are the museum of the Ukrainian art, a puppet theater, Rovno music-dramatic theatre, zoo, local history museum, in the public garden of which there is situated the exhibition of the defense technologies. There are a lot of monuments in Rovno. Generally, these are the monuments to the heroes of the hostilities of different times and to the noble Ukrainian historical persons.

The unique attraction of Rovno is the Column of Mother of God. First of all it is interesting with its miraculous power. The monument-column of Mother of God was founded in 1770, when in Rovno had broken out the epidemic of plaque. After the monument was set, the epidemic miraculously vanished. To the architectural monuments of Rovno belong the beautiful churches and cathedrals: Resurrection Cathedral, Intercession Cathedral, St. Resurrection Cathedral, Roman Catholic Church of Peter and Paul and others. Assumption Church (1756) is one of the remained wooden churches up to nowadays.

Catholic Church of St. Anthony built in the Gothic Revival style with a beautiful clock on the facade was opened in 1900. From Soviet times the building of the church is used as a house of organ music.

Rovno Recreation Park named after Shevchenko is a monument of landscape art of national importance. The park was founded in the late 18th century. Today the age of several trees is up to 150-200 years. About 160 species of trees and shrubs are growing on the territory of the park. In the early 1950s, the park expanded its territory, and in 1977-1984 the reconstruction of the park was carried out. At the moment, the park occupies 32 hectares and has five zones: quiet relaxation, active relaxation, entertainment facilities, sports and children’s sector. 

Not far from the Ukrainian regional center Rovno there is a town known as Klevan. The main attraction of it is one of the most romantic places in the world called “The Tunnel of Love”. During the warm months of the year the trees planted next to each other form a fairy green tunnel along one kilometer long section of the railway. The tunnel is very popular among lovers who like to make a wish and kiss there. If the love is sincere, then the wish will come true. Stunningly beautiful place!

Rovno is an important transportation hub, its highways link it with Brest, Kiev and Lvov. Rovno National Airport is located within 8 kilometers from the center. It takes 3 hours to get from Lvov to Rovno by car.

Rovno has a moderate continental climate with cold, snowy winters when the temperature reaches -15 degrees C and warm wet summers when temperature reaches ­­+30 degrees C.